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Greene County History

In 1833 Benjamin Crowley, and Reverend Isaac Brookfield led the way in the formation of what would become Greene County. Carved from the parent county of Lawrence on November 5, 1833, Greene County was named for Nathaniel Greene, an American general in the Revolutionary War. Other historic points of interest include the oldest known cemetery ever discovered in the New World known as the Sloan Site, a vibrant and historic downtown district in Paragould, and the Greene County Museum which, among its many holdings, includes the 1930 Paragould Meteorite which is one of the largest meteorites ever recovered on earth. 


Early Days  
Greene County now enjoys a new 39,000 square-foot courthouse that was completed in 1997. The building and furnishings were completed at a cost of $4.1 million which was financed by the citizens of the county after a 1-cent sales tax was approved in August of 1995. The new courthouse also has a link from the county’s earliest days with the display of the fireproof safe that dates from the 1877 courthouse at Gainesville. The safe, which weighs between 8,000 an 10,000 pounds, is located to the right of the doors on the north side of the building.  

County Courthouse
Crowley’s Ridge State Park, developed in 1933 by crews with the Civilian Conservation Corps, is located in a forest of hardwood and pine on the western slope of the ridge that bears its name. There are several recreational facilities, including swimming, canoeing, and sand beaches. Also located on the grounds are a pioneer cemetery and the home site of Benjamin F. Crowley, a veteran of the War of 1812, after whom the ridge was named. A second state park, Lake Frierson, is located south of Crowley's Ridge State Park and offers boating, hiking, camping, and fishing opportunities. 

Crowley’s Ridge State Park        
Greene County is a world famous site for hunting and fishing attracting professional sportsman from all corners of the globe. From duck hunting near Delaplaine to fishing in the St. Francis and Cache rivers, Greene County is a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. The 8-Mile Trail in Paragould as well as numerous hiking trails in our two state parks also offer plenty of fresh air for those seeking a respite in nature. 

Additional Outdoor Recreation
Lake Frierson, Lake Hubble and the Bland and Little Rivers offer good fishing. Hunters also enjoy two wildlife management areas. The St. Francis River, which forms the county’s eastern border with Missouri and the Cache River along the western border, offers fishing and hunting. This is a very popular area for local citizens as well as many tourists. 

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