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A Marriage License

Visit the County Clerk's Office in the Greene County Courthouse to obtain a marriage license during regular business hours. The requirements are:

  • Pay for the Marriage License. The cost is $60.00 (cash only). No refunds. License may be used immediately or within the 60 days time limit. No witnesses are required in Arkansas. License must be returned used or unused, within 60 days for recording or a $100 Bond will be executed against all applicants for license.
  • Legal age in Arkansas is 18 years to contract for a marriage license in Arkansas. Males age 17 or females age 17, may be married with parental consent, and there is a waiting period of five (5) business days.
  • No medical or blood tests are required.

Copies of Marriage Licenses are available for a fee of $1. Certified copies are $5.

A passport

You can apply for a passport at your local post office. Some of the things you'll need include:

  • Application form
  • Proof of identity (driver's license)
  • Proof of citizenship (birth certificate)
  • Application fees

For more details you can call the post office at 870-236-7636 or visit their website.

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