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County Judge

The County Judge authorizes and approves funds, grants, city projects and assumes other judicial responsibilities. The County Judge's Office is located at the Courthouse in Office 107.

Department  870-239-6300 

County Clerk
Phyllis Rhynes

Responsible for the daily operation of the county clerk's office. The County Clerk's Office is located at the Courthouse in Office 102.

Department 870-239-6311

Martin Buchman 

Responsible for investigating and determining the cause of death of county residents. The Coroner's Office is located at 1809 N. Rockingchair Road.

Department  870-240-4030 

Kristi Rawls

Responsible for the custody and disbursement of funds to the county, school districts, cities, rural fire districts, and improvement districts.

Department  870-239-6304 

Brad Snyder 

Oversees criminal investigations, traffic law enforcement, and county jail operations.

Department  870-236-7612 

Ashley Reynolds

Responsible for appraising and assessing all real and personal property. Located at the Courthouse in Room 101.

Department  870-239-6303 

Cindy Tracer

Responsible for assessing and providing tax information. Located at the Courthouse in Room 103.

Department  870-239-6305 

Prosecuting Attorney
Sonia F. Hagood

Responsible for representing local, state, or federal governments in criminal court cases.

Department 870-239-9598 

Circuit Clerk
 Lesa Gramling 

Responsible for maintaining a record of all proceedings of the Circuit Courts and to prep the dockets for these Courts. Located at the Courthouse in Room 124.

Department  870-239-6330 

Justice Of Peace Members

A justice of the peace is a member of the quorum court and responsible for assisting the County Judge in levying the county taxes and making appropriations for the county's expenses. The quorum court is a part-time body, elected from single-member districts, that has overall responsibility for county affairs. Quorum courts establish the number and compensation of deputies and county employees and fill vacancies in elective county offices. JPs enact ordinances related to the county's property and its maintenance and improvements, including roads, bridges, buildings, vehicles, and other items owned by the county.

The full-time elected county administrator, who presides over the quorum court, is the county judge. Neither JPs nor the county judge have any judicial authority, though they do have the power to preside over civil marriages. Justices of the Peace are elected every two years to these partisan offices.

Quorum Court ยป

Sherma Clark Dicus

District 1
Sherma Clark Dicus

District 2
Robby Glasco

Bill McCartney

District 3
Bill McCartney

Jonathon Davis

District 4
Jonathon Davis

Michele Boling

District 5
Michele Boling

Phillip Keeling

District 6
Phillip Keeling

Allen Davis

District 7
Allen Davis

Dean Wooldridge

District 8
Dean Wooldridge

Marc Reeves

District 9
Marc Reeves

Ronnie Roberts

District 10
Ronnie Roberts

Clint Harris

District 11
Clint Harris

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